Job Fit

Effective screening includes making certain that the applicants have the necessary basic experiences and backgrounds as well as determining if they possess the core traits and attitudes that you have found to be predictive of success in that job.

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Job Fit

Assessment Leaders Products Assessments Pre-Hire Job FitThe Job Fit is a fully validated assessment that provides the data to determine if a participant’s personality characteristics and learning styles fit the job by comparing their traits to those of successful performers in a specific job. This helps you identify and interview the participants with the right “job fit,” improving your quality of hire and time to hire.

Test just once for the entire employee lifecycle.

One assessment can be used for both pre-hire and post hire with multiple reports available. Tailored interview questions are offered to expand and clarify individual responses.

Reports include

Job Fit

This report shows ratings on general reasoning, conscientiousness, tough mindedness, conventionalism, extroversion, stability, and team focus.


The attitude fit tool shows the candidate’s attitudes toward work and work-related issues by measuring for counter-productive behaviors, such as hostility and dependability, during the pre-hire screening process. The report can include interview questions to clarify scores.


The engagement tool shows the level of commitment between individuals and their current or most recent job and employer.


High quality personality assessments are built upon a set of 5 stable and measurable traits that are referred to as the Big 5. With over 1 million people in our database, we have a strong foundation for our norms by which we measure individuals and create fit benchmarks for our clients around the world.


Cognitive speed is one of the two most frequently cited factors that impact job performance (the other is conscientiousness). Cognitive learning helps define the direction and pace of continuous learning.

100+ Job Categories

Choose from over 100 job categories with pre-built generic benchmarks in 6 suites: general business, health, hospitality, property management, auto dealerships, and salons.

Custom Performance Models

Create your own custom performance models or complete custom job categories that are specific to your company. Use your successful employees as a template to help create a success profile that you can duplicate.

Each Job Fit assessment is designed to be completed in 6 to 8 minutes while meeting the highest validation and reliability standards.

Learn more by downloading the Job Fit Brochure.

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