About Assessment Leaders

Assessment Leaders gives decision makers the information they need to capitalize on their greatest assets: their people.

Before establishing Assessment Leaders in 2003, we spent many years using assessments, skills testing, and background checks in the business world. We understand from experience how they work—and which ones to use for maximum effect and minimum risk.

Our original intent in founding Assessment Leaders was to enable business leaders to uncover and quantify data about their human capital assets in much the same way—and to a similar degree of accuracy—that CFOs quantify financial data. Our goal was to help businesses solve two of the most pressing problems at the time: the retention and succession of valuable employees.

Today, finding the right employees for your business—and keeping them—are still some of the most critical and risky challenges for companies. In fact, the challenges associated with engaging, motivating, coaching, and developing employees and teams have grown considerably in today’s fast-paced, multicultural business environment.

Assessment Leaders has responded to this growing complexity by developing and delivering a set of easy-to-administer but powerful performance lifecycle tools. HR, sales professionals, and executive management can introduce these tools during the critical recruiting process and continue using them throughout all phases of the employee lifecycle, including hiring, managing and mentoring, sales optimization, team building, leadership development, and succession planning.

At every step, we help both employee and employer find the right fit, set clear development goals, and enable positive engagement—making the hiring and development process more manageable, more effective, and considerably more enjoyable.